Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feeling lucky!

Greetings Ladies & Gents,

So another week's past or two, and more baking and garden fun happened! 
Pictures later....And by a burst of good luck and knowing the right peeps, we have finally had our front hedge removed. Keeping it the past years has been a complete nightmare!! 

Let me clarify: We bought our house about 5 years ago from a relative of my husbands, who sadly had not had the energy to keep it or do anything to better it for quite some time and it was in quite a bad shape....

Our former garden-patio... simply divine, dont'cha think?

Backyard - be sure to tie a rope around your waist,
so you won't get lost!!
But we fell in love with it - the homey interior and prospects of what it could be and also it's perfect location Close to town, but still in the country - only 30 min. to Copenhagen, but surrounded by both small shops and farms!

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the front hedge, but imagine it being slightly less kept then the pictures above... yeah... *nodding*... not kidding sadly...
So of course we were delighted when a co-worker of mine, whose husband has a truck and krane company, asked if I wanted it removed after I had bi***ed a bit about it for some time.... ;)  - and they did it insanely cheap, which was an added bonus with Yule-time coming up!

So this past weekend has been spent with getting the soil ready and cleaned for a new Privet Hedge, as it will be alot easier to keep.
Hopeing it will look like this in some years
Our old hedge was a mixture of 3 different hedges and random shrubs, who have planted themselves over the years, and never been removed or replanted. I'm working this weekend, but DH (dear hubby) has promised, that he and my brother will have it fixed when i'm home Saturday evening - so pics inc then!

Anyway apart from spending time in the garden, i've also spent alot of time in the kitchen. As I've written before, I LOVE Autumn! The colors of nature turning from green to yellow to firey red, the nights becoming colder, but the days mostly still warm - and all the wonderful autum fruits and berries!

This week i was fortunate enough to recieve some pears from my other co-worker, but as my DH hates fruit-pies (he thinks they're not sweet enough - he's not much for the tartness of especially apples and pears), I had to think of a clever way to disguise them..... and so the Pistachio-Pear Pie was born! Pistachio is one for his favorite flavores!

Just a little teaser - recipe will be posted soon!
It was absolutly delicious! Even DH approved :)

More pics from kitchen adventures this past week:

Sweet cinnamon/cottage cheese pancakes
and a sidebowl of blackberries

Chorizo-chili with lots and lots of shrooms!

Bacon-wrapped ground-beef burgers (without the bun)
with a sidedish of root veggies (beets and parsnips)
and home made bernaise sauce *DROOL*

Last of the Blackberries -
Thank you Mother Nature for your bountiful presents!

Any recipe-ideas for the use of the blackberries???? 

Pennie :)

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