Monday, December 30, 2013

My FAV. Breakfast - Lunch and Dinner Rolls!

So I haven't baked with flour in ages - but when I do, this is my absolute FAV. recipe for rolls, and we eat them for breakfast, lunch and even as dinner rolls. 

And it's YOUR lucky day, as I'm sharing the recipe! 

PenNny Lanes FAV. rolls

Yields: 25 rolls

200 g Butter
0,5 liter of milk 
100 g yeast
100 g sugar
2 eggs
75 g raisins 
(you can leave these out if you're fx making dinner rolls)
800-900 g flour

Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the milk. Warm it up to lukewarm and add in the yeast. 
! It's important that the milk-mix not be too hot, or the yeast's rising effekt won't work !

Add the sugar and eggs. Mix well. 

If you're adding raisins (or chocolate pieces or chopped nuts), drop these in the flour before adding it all to the mix. 

When you're mixing the dough, leave it quite soft, don't knead it for too long, or the dough will be tough. Leave it nice and soft. 

Let the dough rise for about 30 min. Then with flour-covered hands, shape 25 rolls. 

Brush the rolls with milk or an egg and Bake for 12 min. at 200 - 225 degrees. 

DH's favorite topping is strong cheese and homemade raspberry jam! YUM-YUM!

Ps. Recipe for the fatbread with rom-essence icing is inc - I havn't forgotten!

Pennie :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Jule-time

Work has been CRAZY these past weeks, so unfortunatly I am been a bit behind on my "jule-ing" this year.
But the eldest daughter has come home for the holidays and we're slowly catching up with the season (and eachother).

Our family Advent-wreath, where a candle is lit
every sunday in December. 
Yule og Jul as it is called in Denmark is today the equivalent of "Christmas" - but in olden days (or today if you're a pagan practitioner), it was a celebration of light. Today is the shortest day of the year and is also the day, the sun (God) slowly starts to return to us, making the days again longer then the nights.

We celebrate this by lighting candles to welcome the sun's returning light. Sometimes, depending on when the 21 st falls, we stay up to celebrate Jule just before dawn, and watch the sunrise and toast it.
I like to take this day to think about what I would like to leave behind as I go into the next turning of the wheel (jul), and what I want to focus my attention on.

Jul is also a time for BAKING! In Denmark we have a great tradition for jule-cookies and confectionery. Me and my DH have been married for almost 10½ years (11 years this summer), and I just learned, that I've never actually baked his favorite jule-cookie, which are "FedtebrĂžd med rom-glasur", roughly translated it means "fatty-bread with rom-icing" and my DSD (dear Step-daughter) helped me make them (well I wrote down the recipe and she made them... hehe - management is half the job done, right?!) ;)

..... now I would like to post a picture here.... but DH has eaten them all already.... 
......MEN.....!?! (When did he even have time... ?!)
but DSD says she's make more tomorrow, so recipe incoming then. 

May you all have a wonderful wintersolstice 
and may love and light fill your next turn of the wheel. 

Blessed be. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gaizia and Mickey

Before me and my DH (dear hubby) met, we both had a dream dog; a type of dog we wanted to have in our lives and spend our free time with.  We both had a very different upbringing, so it's a bit funny it actually turned out to be the same type of dog we wanted!

I've always loved big dogs and came from a home with dogs, mostly labradors, but there were big dogs all around my neighbourhood (Alsacians, Retrievers, and Newfoundlanders), so I was never afraid of big dogs.
Funny enough I always thought smaller dogs were more aggressive....

When I was 13 years old my family moved to Denmark and we got a dog; Bella - a beautiful, black english labrador. I remember I was with my dad and sister when we went to "pick" her out. Back then, pups didn't have the electronic tags, but were instead branded with a number on the inside of their ear - DT667A
(Bellas number - yup I still remember!). Anyway - she was the only pup who we all instinctly picked up and nuzzled, so the choice was easy.
Beautiful Bella

Bella and I had many wonderful times together, and my daily "chore" for many years was taking her for her morning walk and afternoon walk when I got home from school. She was my confidant when I had secrets, my comfort when I was sad and a great friend to just share good times with! 

When I was 18 and moved out, she would still remember me when I came to visit and seeing her race to meet me at the door, always filled me with such happiness. So I knew that when the time came and I had room/time for it, I wanted a new great friend just like Bella...

My hubby though was never allowed to have a dog when he was younger, but desperatly wanted one, so when he was old enough (around 13-14 years old), he started to walk the dogs in his neighbourhood -
yes he was wonderful and caring even then!! - earning som extra pocket money and making great friendships.

Artwork from here
One of the owners of the dog he walked regularly got very ill and couldn't take care of her big newfoundland dog Max anymore, so DH was finally allowed to adopt him!
My DH told me many stories of Max; he was HUGE, black coated and very mischievious!

Most young boys, when they're 18-19 years old would be too busy partying and hooking up with girls to spend alot of their time with a furry friend, but not my DH! They went fishing, hiking, and were pretty much together all the time. Max even picked him up from college, and helped him carry groceries home - so cute! Wish I had been able to get to know him.

Anyway DH has never forgotten his dear furry friend and vowed that when he had the space and time when he got older - he would get another "max".

So we both LOVE big dogs and like to spend time outdoors (fishing, hiking, camping etc.) and from my childhood I've always loved the manga-series about Silverfang and DH was always fascinated with dogsledding, so of course when we bought our house, it was obvious - our dog had to be an

the biggest and furriest of the sledding dogs!

We spent almost a year looking into pedigrees and kennels, choosing the just right one and found our perfect puppy. 
Gaizia and my DH

And we didn't stop there. We have a big house and a big yard, and having Gaizia was such a dream, we decided we wanted a furry-boy too, so 1 year later, along came:
Mickey (not mouse, although he has big ears hehe)

 I am so happy we chose to have two dogs and not just stop at one. They have a constant friend to (annoy) and play with and both hubby and me have a dog by our side when we walk. It can be tough to walk with them both alone, as they are really strong dogs, but with treats in the pocket, it's not too hard hehe

Dogs and animals in general are a beautiful and rewarding gift in life - but be sure and do your homework!
It takes time and money and dedication - some breeds more then others!
And although it can be tempting, please, please, please no dogs under the x-mas tree. A dog is not a gift that can be regifted o refunded!!

And that being said.... 

May Yule and the turning of the wheel 
bring you love, peace and good fortune in the coming year!
Let us welcome the returning sun with hope & joy. 

Pennie xoxo :)