Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Jule-time

Work has been CRAZY these past weeks, so unfortunatly I am been a bit behind on my "jule-ing" this year.
But the eldest daughter has come home for the holidays and we're slowly catching up with the season (and eachother).

Our family Advent-wreath, where a candle is lit
every sunday in December. 
Yule og Jul as it is called in Denmark is today the equivalent of "Christmas" - but in olden days (or today if you're a pagan practitioner), it was a celebration of light. Today is the shortest day of the year and is also the day, the sun (God) slowly starts to return to us, making the days again longer then the nights.

We celebrate this by lighting candles to welcome the sun's returning light. Sometimes, depending on when the 21 st falls, we stay up to celebrate Jule just before dawn, and watch the sunrise and toast it.
I like to take this day to think about what I would like to leave behind as I go into the next turning of the wheel (jul), and what I want to focus my attention on.

Jul is also a time for BAKING! In Denmark we have a great tradition for jule-cookies and confectionery. Me and my DH have been married for almost 10½ years (11 years this summer), and I just learned, that I've never actually baked his favorite jule-cookie, which are "FedtebrĂžd med rom-glasur", roughly translated it means "fatty-bread with rom-icing" and my DSD (dear Step-daughter) helped me make them (well I wrote down the recipe and she made them... hehe - management is half the job done, right?!) ;)

..... now I would like to post a picture here.... but DH has eaten them all already.... 
......MEN.....!?! (When did he even have time... ?!)
but DSD says she's make more tomorrow, so recipe incoming then. 

May you all have a wonderful wintersolstice 
and may love and light fill your next turn of the wheel. 

Blessed be. 

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