Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clean eating...

And no, I don't mean cleaning your plate or doing the dishes hehe...

This past year DH and I have really tried to clean up our eating habits. We both wanted to lose a bit of weight and feel healthier and generally try and take better care of what we were putting in our bodies. So we cut out sugars and most processed foods from our diet. The results were staggering... 

So here are some benefits from a year of clean eating:

  • We have both lost our sugarcravings. No more scrambling around the fridge in the afternoon for a yoghurt or piece of pie - or not being able to drink a cup of coffee in the evening without a piece of cake or chocolate to go along (yes were were guilty of all of that before!)

  • We discovered how many foods actually contained sugar or hidden sugars! It's incredible - juice, yoghurt, and every single light product known to man.... just DON'T eat them!
  • We found out that the best way to eat "clean", is to eat fresh, natural products - (i.e. foods with sensible expiration dates, not years and years.) When something in your cupboard can outlive your family pet, you shouldn't eat it!
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  • We became really creative in the kitchen, because we couldn't use the usual condiments and sidedishes - suddenly both of us took time out to make really delicious meals from scratch and a time during the day, that earlier was a chore, actually became a fun, (sometimes romantic) event. 
  • We noticed what sugar and processed foods did to our bodies, because we didn't eat it at home, but when offered at work/friends/families we didn't want to say no. We both became bloated and lost our energy. DH had a terrible case of migraine after a night out with the guys (beer and pizza) and I had a not so fun day on the toilet after a movie-popcorn night with some girlfriends. Our bodies were def. telling us to stay away from that sugary-processed stuff! (too much info.? - sorry)

  • We started to notice quality instead of quantity. For many years (while i was in school and DH working) we were buying quantity (much for less) and looking to score great, cheap deals from stores instead of quality and eating this way changed that. We are spending more money on local and organic foods and actually with all the money we're saving from not buying junk and sweets, we're actually not spending more. 
Oh and of course the biggest plus - MORE energy! I don't need to take a nap on the couch when I get home from work, before I go for a walk with the dogs. I am well rested and fully of energy for an entire day with just 7 hours of sleep each night - and I sleep like a log (seriously before anything would wake me during the night!). 

Well that was last year - THIS year we have another hurdle to battle - Soda! 

Hi - my name is Pennie and I am a Pepsi-Max-a-holic! 
Actually it's been 18 days since my last Pepsi Max!!! Incredible right?! 
So far so good, but I must admit when I'm out at friends or out for dinner, it's a bit tough - but I'm hanging in there. 

DH has bought memy own wonderful soda-machine tho - så I can make sparkling water with a bit of (sugarfree) taste, which takes the edge off (but sadly it's too big to fit in my bag when we go out... )

Mine is like this - but in black.
But even after just 18 days, I can already feel a big difference in my body (although the first 4 were a hell to get through - I swear I now know what withdrawals feel like!). 

An even less bloated stomach, no aching feet (didn't see that one coming!), less need for sleep (only need 6 hours now - PLING and I'm awake at the first ring of my alarm clock - no more snoozing...) and no GAS! Yeah you heard me - sometimes I was a regular whoopey cushion in the evenings - NO MORE! 
(and I haven't had any complains heheh....)

If you have the nerve, GO FOR IT. Clean eating has def. changed our health, our bodies and our lives and we recommend it to anyone who wants a change. 

Pennie :)

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