Friday, October 4, 2013

October - it's getting colder outside and yummy in the kitchen!

October - the 10th month of the year (according to the Gregorian calendar), and the 2nd month of autumn. 
And here in Denmark it's starting to get chilly at night - although we still enjoy quite warm days. 
October derives it's name from the latin "octo" meaning eight, 
as October was the eight month of the old Roman calendar. 

Since Mabon the last week has flown by with lots of autum cooking, work , baking, work,  jam-making and more work but here are some of the good food moments caught on film:

Making an tomato-basil omelet

Tomato and Basil Omelet

1 pers.
1-2 eggs (pasteurised)
1 tbl.sp. heavy cream
2 tomatoes
10 leaves of basil
butter or coconut oil for the pan
salt and freshly ground pepper

There it is - YUM!
Whip the egg(s) and cream together in a bowl along with salt and pepper. 
Dice the tomatoes and mix with the chopped basil leaves. 
Heat the pan and melt the butter/coconut oil. 
Add the egg-mixture and turn the heat down to medium-low. Lift the sides from time to time, all the way around and let the wet egg-mixture flow underneath the beginning omelet. 
When the omelet is solid on the sides, add the tomato and basil on one half and close the omelet. 
Heat on both sides until firm. 
Serve with the rest of the filling on the side and ENJOY!

This is a nice breakfast I like to make when i have time, usually on the weekends, or when I'm working the evening shift - DELICIOUS! And a great use for those autumn-tomatoes. 

Photo: Dagens høst fra drivhuset:-)

For autumn I also like to bake some hearty breads, full of nuts and seeds, here is my favorite recipe.  I usually bake 2 of 'em, and cut into slices. I freeze 4-6 slices in a bag, and then it's very easy to take up the needed amount for the week, and you'll always have freshly baked bread in the house!

Pennies Nutty Bread

1 bread

100 g of Linseed
150 g of pumpkinseeds
100 g sesame seeds
100 g sunflower seeds
100 g roughly chopped almonds
100 g roughly chopped hazelnuts (or your favorite nuts - i like macadamias as well!)
0,5 dl oil
2 tsp. salt
5 eggs
150 g shredded cheese (i use cheddar, but you can use your favorite, be creative)

How to:
Heat your oven to 160 degrees (celcius)
Mix seeds and nuts in a bowl with oil and salt. 
Whip the eggs together in a seperate bowl and add to the seed & nuts mixture along with the shredded cheese. 
Pour the dough into the bread-pan covered in baking paper and bake the bread in the oven for 60-70 min. 
Take the bread out and let it cool. 

Slice and serve!

I sometimes make them in Muffin-tins, perfect for the lunch-box!

Plum(p) tart! muahaha:
A co-worker of mine had alot of plums from her garden she didn't know what to do with, so ...

Served with vanilla-whipped cream

27 days til Samhain..... and counting....

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