Friday, May 23, 2014

Pioneer Momma's weekly worksheets!

Ashley from PioneerMomma does these wonderful worksheets each week and we've gotten into the habit of using them here at home. It's easy-peasy and a great way to organize your weekly menu and thoughts.
I especially love the "focus word" section! It's a great way to find something you want to emphasize each week and keep focused on it.

Our weekly worksheet hangs on the fridge, so we're sure to pass it by MANY times during the day ;)

What's for dinner:

Sunday: Eating out - My sister in law's B-day

Monday: "Koldskål" with berries and crumble
(it's a cold milk-soup which you eat with berries and crackers) - recipe on the blog next week, I promise!
Cremet koldskål uden sukker
Picture: RavFood
Tuesday: Smoked salmon with grilled baby potatoes and salade (dunno which kind of salade yet - still looking for inspiration and what's cheap at the market!)

Wednesday: Green beans and sausages!

Pølsemix med bønnefritter og tomatmayo
Picture: HjemmehosXenia

Thursday: I'm working the eveningshift - so hubby is left to himself to cook (will probly be pizza... wanna bet?!)

Friday: BBQ - burgers and sausages! 

Saturday: Grilled sirloin, corn and veggies. 

I love the summertime! Fresh salads and BBQ - easy cooking and almost no cleaning :) 

This weeks goals:

Home: Remove the weeds from the front hedge and cover with woodchips. 

Personal: No coffee before bedtime, to try and sleep better. 

Blog: More pictures!

Tackle: Laundry *sigh!* (maybe just buy new clothes...)

Focus word: Positivity

This past week I was at a konference for work, where one of the subjects was "Feedback" and "NLP - neuro-linguistic-programming" - which basically means (re)-programming yourself in a new way by thinking positively.  
Instead of using negative emotions or words to describe a situation/person, you instead (re)-program yourself to think that "behind each behaviour there is a positiv intention". 
This also works with your thoughts of yourself. 

- What I see is what I believe. 
(When you encounter somthing you immediatly form an opinion which is based on your perspective of the world.)
- What do I believe I see? 
(You then discuss this idea that has formed with yourself - this is where you can (re)-program yourself in a positive way!)
- What I believe is what I see! 
(Based on your inner discussion you make your final opinion of what you've seen.)

Often we judge situations before we even understand them, and by deciding to change the way we think, we also decide to change the way we see people and ourselves. 
And so the focus word of the week is positivity - making a conscious effort to think more positively about myself and others.

And finally pictures of the day. We spent the afternoon with my little niece Annabella at her daycare - where we planted flowers in their garden and played on the playground. And of course - ate icecream!!

Thank you for great inspiration Ashley from PioneerMomma 

Pennie :)

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