Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cold buttermilk soup with crunchy sweet nuts

In the summertime it's nice to have a healthy, refreshing dinner that isn't too heavy and super easy to make. We often make (or buy if there is no time to make) Cold buttermilk soup. Here in Denmark you serve it with a type of crackers called "kammerjunkere"

Small crackers about 3 cm i diameter,
not too sweet, but with a nice crunch!
The ones you can buy at the store tho, are filled with sugars and really not that healthy, so instead we like to make our own granola/nutty crunch to top the buttermilk soup!

Pennies Buttermilk Soup w/ Crunch

Serves 4

6 egg yolks (I used pasteurized - no tummy aches!)
3 tbl. sp. sweetner (for example splenda or stevia)
7,5 dl buttermilk
1,5 dl greek yoghurt 10%
1 tbl. sp. vanilla powder
the zest off 1 lemon (organic, so you dont get any nasty pesticides!)
1,5 cream
* A little extra sweetner, if you prefer it more sweet!

Whip the egg yolks with the sweetner until it's frothy. 
Whisk in the buttermilk, greek yoghurt, vanilla powder and lemon and mix well. 

Be sure and run the sweetner and rest through a siv.
Makes the soup non-lumpy!
In a separate bowl whisk the cream really hard (but not into butter!), and add to the other mixture. 
Taste and add more sweetner if you think it's needed. 

Serve in soup bowls with granola/crackers or fresh fruit.


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