Thursday, June 19, 2014


My little sisters and mother are visiting from England and this weekend we took a spontaneous trip to visit my grandparents in Jutland - the western part of Denmark. My little niece was along for the trip as well and the life of the party as usual!
That sweet girl is just so precious!!

Starting our trip -
my littlest sister Nettie and my dear mumsy Connie

After lunch - time for a nap!

We've finally arrived and Annabella is serving tea for the dolls!

Visiting the neighbour's horses

They just LOVE carrots and rye bread - YUM!
My grandparents' nextdoor neighbour has a lot of chickens.
Annabella is helping with the feeding.

"Hey! - where are you going?!" 

Where does she get the energy??!

My grandparents just put their house up for sale - they have this beautiful homestead (no aminals tho), but they want something easier to keep. Their garden is absolutely gorgeous and my grandmother is allknowing in everything green and growing - I hope to someday have just a littlebit of her garden-wisdom! Although she says it all comes with practice and trying. 

Annabella picked a lovely wildflower boquet for her mother. 
In their driveway they have a bed of beautiful roses, all different sorts
THIS is what i'm hoping to do at our house.... sometime over the next couple years....
it's good to set goals... right?! even if they are far off .... 
Icecream on the way home!!! 

So that's my weekend in pictures and words - what did you do this weekend? 
Pennie :)


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Love the pictures, especially the nap one lol! Annabella is so adorable! She seems like quite the little adventurer :-)

  2. It was a wonderful trip and Annabella was the life of the party! It's tough to keep up with her - and I was sooo tired when I got home - but sooo worth it. Thx for your comment Ashley!