Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cake!!!! (for breakfast!)

So ... 12 days ago, I made a wild decision....
I started the Whole30 challenge!!! For those of you, who don't know what that is, it basically means eating clean - no sugars of any kind (not even artificial), no dairy (ARGH! Bye cheese... see you in 30 days!), no grains, legumes or white potatoes (ok - that's not too bad!), but...but...but....I can have fruit!

Since starting to eat the LowCarb High Fat way, I really haven't eaten much fruit, except berries moderatly. So it's been a real pleasure enjoying fruit again!

I've been surfing the web for inspiration for meals, and so far I've created som really tasty things:

Ham and egg cupcakes - easy and YUM!
Green smoothie - spinach, fruit and coconut cream in blender and voila!

Stuffed pepper and chopped veggies.

Apple Bumpkin with fresh strawberries
YES - cake for breakfast! 

"French-fry"-green beans (cause they taste just like french fries!!!)
with bacon!!
I thought this would be much more difficult - and the first 4 days were really tough, mostly getting to grips with what to eat, when I suddenly couldn't eat yoghurt, cheese or even drink my lovely coffee + milk!!!
But now the choices are simple - fresh veggies, roasted/cooked veggies and meat og and FRUIT!
O.M.G. have I missed my fruit.
I've even found a new appreciation for tea, which I actually used to drink quite a lot of, until I met coffee...

So now I'm on to day 13 today and I feel really wonderful - filled with this strange sense of energy. I have been sleeping better then ever! I fall asleep in a matter of minutes (used to take me 30 min - 1 hour) and sleep until i wake (usually before the alarm too!) - and this is the first time in years! So there must be something about it....

I'm excited to see what the next 17 days will bring - but so far so good!

Pennie :)

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