Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry (after) Christmas!

So we did not host Christmas eve this year (in Denmark we have the Christmas celebration on the eve of the 24th), instead we had it at my sisters new house and almost my whole family was gathered! Which is a BIG deal, since we haven't all been together for an event for like.... well 8 years I suppose!! (yeah - waaaay too long I agree!)

My parents told me some great news tho.... they're moving back to Denmark!!!
(hubby is still sulkning, cause he won't get to play golf as much in the UK... - hmm or maybe it's just cause they're moving closer.... hehe). I can't wait to be able to call my mom on the phone and ask if she's got the kettle on, without it entailing a 8 hour car/plane/train - trip! YAY!!

I was completly spoiled rotten this christmas!!! 

Michael Kors watch/Leather gloves/Baileys YUM!/Bathrobe
Bodyshop Almond Handcream/Giftcard to Matas/Running gloves
Golden candle dish/Giftcard to the movietheatre/New filofax calendar/
Golden Swarowski crystal pen! 

I did give some pretty great gifts as well tho.... 

Filofax for sis/Shaver for son/Calendar for Dad/Coloringbook for niece
Italien cookbook for Brother/Concert tickets for mom&dad in law
giftcard for daughter/leather gloves for sis/coloring pencils & crayons for niece/bracelet for mom
Bob Dylan Biography for Dad/Handcream for grandmom/Le Creuset salt&pepper churn for auntie/Lego for nephew
Color run tickets for hubby (and myself!)

But the absolutely best present was getting to spend christmas with my grandparents.
Nelly and Vagn Pedersen - the two gentlest, kindest people on earth.
They traveled 'cross Denmark to be with their family on christmas, even tho my grandpa is really sick (terminal cancer - stupid disease!)

Wearing "naughty and nice" santa hats! 

We had a great evening and these past days off have been a real treat!
(going back to work tomorrow!.... ARGH!)

Every christmas we serve Roast duck, Pork belly and sausages with boiled potatoes, caramalized potatoes and red cabbage, but this year my sis added a lovely orange salade to the mix and I thought I would share this easy-peasy recipe with you, so here is...

MinNna's Fruity christmas salade

Serves 12 (as a side-dish)

5 oranges
2 red onions
Good handful of parsley
½ dl of olive oil
salt & pepper

How to
Cut the oranges into thin slices, removing all the white membrane possible (it gives a bitter taste).
Chop the red onions finely and cover the orange slices.
Chop the parsley finely and sprinkle on top.
Add olive oil -  salt & pepper!


You can also make the parsley into a pesto and spread it more evenly
Alright - heading back to the couch!!!! 

Merry (after) Christmas to you all 
love Pennie

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