Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So my very good friend Majken just had her baby boy Julian - and since I haven't had time to post earlier - his arrival suddenly reminded me I had lots to post about her (and his) babyshower!

Majken & Jakob and little Julian

Babyshowers are not really a common thing in Denmark - usually you just wait for the "new family" to invite you over (one at a time, so they're not too stressed) and you pay your respects that way.

 My family lives in England though, and over there it's quite a big deal with these babyshowers - so last time I visited my parents I was inspired to do the same for my good friend.

She and her boyfriend had been trying for some time to get pregnant, so when it finally happened, I really wanted to show my support and happiness for her! We studied together at the same hospital, but sadly don't have as much time as I would like to see eachother (mostly cause we live so far apart), I plan to be better at it this year though (yup - new years resolution nr. 1!)

Anyway she is a busy girl, so the greatest challenge was to find a weekend that wasn't completely booked already in her calendar. I gor her boyfriend in on the plan and he put at fake date on their calendar - he just told her, that he had a suprise for her... which was ... well... true hehe....

Next I went on Pinterest..... omg... sooooo much stuff on pinterest.... and I made a board.

We didn't use all the ideas and some plans had to be changed last minute, because of cancellations, but it was a great way to brainstorm, and plan the shower.

Shortly translated: Majkens little prins is on the way....'s a suprise, so help keep the secret!
adresse and phone nr.

I teamed up with one of her co-workers and former study-mates, so I could invite both her family, friends and co-workers. Sadly the date that worked for most was in the danish autumn holiday, so not everyone could attend - but we were 10 peeps in total, which I thought worked really nicely.

We made it a Babyshower brunch, because that fit everyone best and the food was easy (though we made waaaay too much! but it's always nice with leftovers!)

We filled the countertop with brunchy-yummy-goodness!

And a fruit baby....
(grapes, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, melon and orange for a head)

No babyshower is complete without games!! 
Here we had been very creative - we planned 10 events/games!! and thinking back that was way overkill for 3 hours hehehe 

We bought a onesie for everyone to sign (kinda like a guestbook) and made a "pin-up board" with some good advice for mommy and daddy. 
Also we made a calendar - where people could guess Julians birthday, which mommy later could frame for his room. 

Oooh and of course we brought presents!!! 
Mommy dearest opening presents! 
We ended with the game of all games!! - toiletpaperdiapers! Aren't they cute?? 

Teams of 2 - 3 min. to make the best toiletpaper diaper....
it's harder then you think!!
All in all a great day that I would repeat in a heartbeat! The very best moment, was when Majken opened the door and saw us all in her living room. She got so very emotional and I could see she really knew we all cared for her and her little soon-to-be baby boy! 

If you're planning a babyshower for a friend/sister/co-worker - head to There is so much inspiration to get there. 
Decorations and so on I bought at Søstrene Grene (danish shop that has really affordable, cute tablewear and decorations!) 

I'm especially crazy about these honeycomb - paper-pompoms that you hang from the ceiling....
and was thrilled to see that Majken had kept the ones we had bought for the shower and hanged them in Julians bedroom - such a cute idea! 

When I was in England, visiting my parents, I went to Party Fever where I got the sash for Majken and some great banners for her house! They also had baby-shaped confetti and in case you don't want to make your own invitations - you can also buy them there. 

Next time it could be fun to make the shower co-ed! So hurry up Majken - Julian needs a brother or sister!!!! 

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  1. How sweet of you to do! I live in the USA and baby showers are big, but no one ever gave me one. Guess I need more friends! LOL You are a truly wonderful friend! Thanks for sharing at the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog hop!